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Show 1 of 2 for the weekend complete! Cody and his Gelbviehs had an awesome day at the Western Regional. Champion Jr. Showman, JoJo won her division, and Betty and Shotgun were champion Cow/calf Pair. At the Hereford show Kaycee was Reserve Futurity Heifer with Shelby! And made it back to finals in Showmanship. Cody and I and the black cattle are headed to Kearney to finish strong tomorrow with the herefords!

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Cody and Jo Jo were 2nd in class in the open show and Champion Jr Gelbvieh heifer later in the evening under a different judge! The Gelbviehs have sure found there way into our hearts with outstanding personalities and sure helped Cody find the confidence he needed.

Day 2 of Geary Co fair ended with a bang and were all exhausted! But super proud of my little stockmen both kids are becoming. Last night in the horse show, Cody was champion horse showman and Kaycee and Doc were Reserve halter horse. With a rainbow of other colors in the rest of the horse classes. 
Today was Goat, and Beef show. Kaycee and her goats did excellent for there 1st show. She made it to showmanship finals, and her goats were 2nd and 4th in class. Think she's ready to try it again!!
Steer show, Codys gelbvieh hfr was Reserve overall, and kaycees Hereford hfr was Reserve Hereford. Both kids made it it finals in showmanship, with Cody being named champ beef showman. 2nd ticket to Round Robin punched. Evening ended with Cody and Steve being named Champion steer and Kaycee and Dudley. We're 4th overall!! Picked top 5. 
Kids and there hard work on the animals is really paying off. On to the pig show tomorrow night. Here's to another short night!

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KANSAS Jr Hereford Show in Manhattan. Kids had a fun weekend playing with friends too along with showing! Kaycee was Champion Pee Wee showman, Cody made it to finals of a deep set of Juniors. We had 3 steers win there class, and heifers did respectful too! Time to get geared up for next weekend with Herefords in Nebraska and Gelbviehs in Concordia.

Weekend a success!!! Soooo proud of my family and how everyone worked their butts off to make the whole 2 breed shows work! Dont have a picture of Kaycee yet from the futurity show, but shes the one you need to ask for a loan! $$ 😉 Today Cody finshed what we came for and got his piece of the steer show. Ill say it again. Proud of my kiddos and calves!

Week 2 of the Ks State fair has treated us well too! Worth the trip but so ready to go home and stay there a bit! Kaycee showed her heifer Thursday and her and Shelby were 2nd in a tough class. Proud of her showing with the adults and showing them how it's done! Cody and his Gelbviehs held there own too on Friday! Except this time it was Betty and Shotgun! They were named Reserve Champion Balancer Female and Shotgun was named Reserve Champion Balancer Bull right along with the big boys. Thanks for the fun Hutch... but we out!!!

Heading home from the ks state fair for the 1st weekend. I've struggled for the right words to post about this weekend. How extremely proud of Cody and our calves I am. Today Jo Jo was slapped Champion Gelbvieh heifer. We went with 2 hd. And came home with 2 buckles! Stars dont align like that very often. Hes becoming quite the hand, and makes my heart proud.

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