RCR Gold Catapult (TEX) 14109 ET  43585008

JLB 1103 Turbo 1466 ET   43585008

We have several Hereford Herd Sires (Horned and Polled) we are currently using along with an AI program to several select proven Hereford Sires.

GO Larry W26- AHA 42988573 - Larry we purchased to add to our show steer program. He was one of the cleanest fronted, biggest topped and stoutest purebred Hereford bulls, he added muscle and kept the show steer look. However, Larry tragically passed away at the age of 2. There is a very very limited amount of semen available. And we have never sold a Larry female off the place. They are moderate, perfect uddered females. We are very excited to see what we can do with these females in the future. 


JL Outbreak 655 - AHA 42807395 - this bull we retired this year but we have had him since 2006. Talk about longevity. He was a big stout bull, that added bone, mass, size and carcass merit to the calves, while keeping functionality. His females are powerful and functional. A Grand Slam grandson.

Nichols Spear 6165   43711048

Shown here is a picture of a bull sired by 0272 - JC 0272 Domino 301 (George). His sire is;  ECR 7195 Domino 0272 ET- AHA 43135199 - we purchased 7195T from Fawcett's Elm Creek Ranch a few years ago. Boy has he out bred himself! His offspring are short marked, stout calves with tons of grow and the females we are just starting into production are perfectly ideal. Several of our high selling bulls and females last year were out of 0272. All of his calves are ideally marked and made like George.

AH 323 Right Time H14 P43594326

Excited to add Spear to our herd bull battery! Found this stout rascal on the Carswell / Nichols sale today. Sound complete and functional! He will compliment our girls well.

JLB W26 Legacy 1101- AHA 43214770 - Legacy is a bull we bred and raised to replace Larry. His calves are powerful, thick and stylish!  His first bull calf born last year has been sold to Showtime cattle company in Indiana, and already making an impact on the program. Semen is for sale from him $20/ straw and $75 for a certificate.. Below is just a few of his offspring he has produced.

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